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DXF Files

Download ALL Shapes and Category Guide

Please choose from the following links to download our CAD file shapes in a .DXF format. Once downloaded, our shapes may be incorporated into your own architectural drawings. If necessary, our shapes may also be altered and sent back to us in a .DXF format which we will then use for cutting on our state of the art computerized drawing and cutting system.

DXF Category Guide

  1. Band Moldings (CE-BM100 to CE-BM142)
  2. Crown Moldings (CE-CM100 to CE-CM206)
  3. Door & Window Moldings
    1. Sills (SL-100 to SL-128)
    2. Trims (CE-TR100 to CE-TR104)
  4. Columns, Caps, & Bases
    1. Columns (CE-CLM100 to CE-CLM108)
    2. Caps (CE-CP100 to CE-CP104)
    3. Bases (CE-BS100 to CE-BS105)
  5. Wallcaps, Piers, Balusters
    1. Parapets (CE-PP100 to CE-PP107)
    2. Wallcaps (CE-WC100 to CE-WC108)
    3. Balusters (CE-BLT100 to CE-BLT102)
    4. Pier Caps (CE-PC100 to CE-PC103)
  6. Quoins & Keystones
    1. Keystones (CE-KS100 to CE-KS104)
    2. Quoins (CE-QN100 to CE-QN102)
  7. Arches (see I, II, III)
  8. Shutters (CE-SH100 to CE-SH104)
  9. Medallions
    1. Medallions (CE-MD100 to CE-MD106)
    2. Quad Shapes (CE-QS100 to CE-QS104)
  10. Brackets (see I, II, III)
  11. Monument Signs (CE-MS100 to CE-MS104)
  12. Interior Shapes (CE-VC100 to CE-VC110)